Marketing: Source Chain Management and Zara Essay


Designing a Customer-Driven Strateg y and Mix



Progressive has attained top-tier position in the insurance industry by simply focusing on advancement. Progressive was the first firm to offer drive-in claims companies, installment payment of payments, and 24/7 customer service. However, many of Progressive's most innovative goes involve their channels of distribution. Whereas most insurance agencies distribute many to buyers via intermediary agents or perhaps direct-to-consumer strategies, Progressive was one of the first corporations to recognize the worth in doing the two. In the late 19805, it increased its agency distribution having a direct toll-free-number channel.

In 1995, Progressive moved into the future by turning into the

first major insurance firm in the world to launch a site. In 97, customers may buy auto insurance policies online in real time.


1 . Apply the concept of the supply chain to Progressive.

installment payments on your Using the type of consumer and business programs found in the chapter, design out numerous channels for Progressive while

you can. How does each of these channels meet specific

customer needs?

3. Discuss the various ways that Progressive has received an impact around the insurance industry.


Zara: The Technology Giant of

the Fashion Community

One global retailer is expanding for a dizzying pace. It's on track for what appears to be globe domination of its sector. Having created its own state-of-the art syndication network, the corporation is giving the competition behind in terms of profits, not to mention acceleration of inventory management and turnover. Wal-Mart you might think? Dell possibly? Though

these two full giants certainly fit the description, we are going to talking right here about Zara, the flagship specialty cha in of Spain-based apparel conglomerate, Inditex.

This powerful retailer is well known for providing stylish styles that resemble those of big-name fashion houses, but at moderate

prices. " We all sell the newest trends at low prices, nevertheless our clients value our style, quality, and constant advancement, " an organization spokesman said. " Which gives us the power even in highly

competitive, developed marketplaces, including The united kingdom. " More interesting is the approach that Zara achieves the mission.


Today, by Progressive's Internet site, customers may do many methods from managing their own account information to reporting

says directly. Modern even offers one-stop concierge declare service.

After viewing the Progressive online video, answer the following

questions regarding marketing channels:


A handful of European specialty clothing retailers are taking the fashion world by tornado with a business model that has turned out to be known as " fast-fashion. " In short, these businesses can recognize and reply to fashion trends right away, create products that reflection the trends, and receive those goods onto shelves much faster and more frequently than the industry tradition. Fastfashion merchants include Sweden's Hennes & Mauritz (H& M), Britain's Top Store, Spain's Mango, and the Netherland's Mexx. Even though ali of those companies are efficiently employing the fast-fashion concept, Zara potential clients the pack about virtually every level. For example , " fast" in Zara ensures that it can take a produet by concept through design, making, and store-shelf

placement inside two weeks, much quicker than any of it is fast-fashion opponents For more mainstream clothing restaurants, the process requires months.

This provides you with Zara the main advantage of virtually replicating fashions

from the pages of Vogue and having them around the streets in

dozens of countries before the following issue with the magazine also

hits the newsstands! When Spain's Top Prince Felipe and

Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano announced their very own engagement, the brideto-be dressed in a stylish white trouser go well with. This raised some eyebrows, given that this violated royal protocol. Nevertheless European females loved it and within a few weeks, a huge selection of them were...


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